Why Study CIPS?

Why Study CIPS

the institute

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) is the world’s largest organisation to represent procurement professionals with almost 100,000 members around the globe.

CIPS mission, amongst other things, is to:

  • Promote, represent and explain the business discipline and good practice of procurement and supply
  • Assist all organisations in developing their capability in procurement and supply management
  • Support individuals in developing, demonstrating and qualifying in the profession of procurement and supply

CIPS and the CIPS qualifications are about professionalism.


What does this mean?

In the workplace: investment in the CIPS Diploma provides procurement professionals with tools, skills, technique and understanding of almost everything to do with procurement.

For the employer: investment in the CIPS Diploma not only helps create cost reduction which is so often sought after, but also opportunities for enhanced quality, service, relationships, strengthened contracts and legal protection, on-time delivery, improved project completion rates; adding value to a more confident competent capable workforce.

For the individual: procurement professional CIPS qualifications offer the tools and techniques referred to above but also greater confidence and competence stemming from a better understanding of what procurement and supply chain management is really about. This growing confidence is visible, almost tangible, in our students. In dozens of cases we have seen our students rise inside their employing organisation, as well as sometimes having impressive career development across organisations.


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