Testimonial Genuine

I feel that Ian Tait and Co are very customer service orientated.

Very thorough coverage of module content and of what to expect in the exam.

It’s easy to get in touch and discuss anything with tutors.

The tutors are reliable and helpful.

Candid tutors who provide excellent supplemental materials where the CIPS texts do not sufficiently cover learning outcomes.

Well-structured study programmes.

Tutors are very experienced and good at communicating with the class.

Location easy to get to from work.

Good materials – slides, additional reading.

Tutors approachable and friendly.

Really good classes – helps to get an in-depth well-rounded knowledge. Lots of tutor support.
Friendly, fun, informative classes.

Feel I’m learning useful information/material.

Good value.

Feedback from essays/tests so you can keep up and track your progression.

Good, close to train station.

Smaller class, (tutor) work experience, not just academic.

Positive environment for discussion.

Knowledgeable tutor.

Small classes.

Very good facilities.

Good locations – easily accessible.

Good study environment.

Expertise of tutor.

Good location.

Good transport links.

Open Day was excellent and informative.

Clarity of course. Was self-studying prior to this and now feel that I have a much clearer, more structured form of study.

Good size class.

Convenient to get to, relaxed atmosphere, comfortable surroundings.