Q: Are CIPS diplomas internationally recognised?
A: Yes, CIPS qualifications are globally recognised. CIPS is the world’s leading representative body for procurement professionals.

Q: Is there an upfront joining fee for your school?
A: No, although CIPS charges a joining fee for membership, we do not charge joining fee or administrative fee for studying at our school.

Q: Can I pay for one subject at a time?
A: Yes, you can pay subject by subject, or for a full level.

Q: When can I start the course?
A: You can join at the start of any term. There are five terms a year.

Q: What happens if I fail an exam?
A: For most subjects you can re-sit at any of five examination sessions each year.

Q: Which books do I need for these courses?
A: You need the CIPS/ Profex official CIPS course book for each subject. These are available via the CIPS website www.cips.org There is one for each subject.

Q: Do the tuition fees include CIPS membership / books / exams?
A: No. These costs are payable directly to CIPS – this can be done via the CIPS website www.cips.org

Q: My employer is paying – what do I have to do to enrol and make payment?
A: Complete and send in an enrolment form – we will raise an invoice and take it from there.

Q: Is it possible to be exempted from a level / subject?
A: Exceptionally the Institute will grant an exemption from one subject or level if a separate course of study has exactly the same content. Find out more.

Q: I’m paying for myself – do I have to pay before classes start?
A: Yes. You can pay by card, cash, cheque or transfer.

Q: I’m paying for myself – can I have a discount?
A: Probably – email for a copy of our e-brochure.

Q: I’m paying for myself – is there any support funding available?
A: You should approach CIPS – the CIPS Foundation has grants available to help students in need buy books / pay for exams, etc. www.cips.org/foundation

Q: What is your school’s pass rate?
A: The calculation of pass rates is incredibly complex, but in general our school matches or beats the CIPS UK national average.

Q: I’d like to be a tutor. Is this possible?
A: Anyone may apply by emailing a CV to Ian. We have a structured and rigorous selection process in place.

Q: Do many students drop out of your classes?
A: Surprisingly few students drop out of our school. Most students complete the level they are studying, and many progress to the next level. Our school is well represented at the CIPS Annual Graduation Ceremony.

Q: What happens if I am struggling with a subject?
A: You should speak to your tutor, one-to-one; in some cases specialist support tutoring is available at no extra cost.

Q: What happens if I need to miss a class?
A: Please notify your tutor in advance by e-mail. You will be given an email address for each tutor.

Q: What happens if I am late for a class?
A: Please text to let us know – the Student Handbook contains the relevant number for texting.

Q: How many students are there in a class?
A: Most classes have between four and ten students.

Q: Can I study some subjects at East Croydon, and some subjects at London Bridge?
A: Yes.

Q: Why should I enrol at your school, rather than another study centre?
A: Quality tuition, tutors who care, outstanding support, convenient locations, pleasant venues, a history of reliability and success. Oh, and a cup of tea at each class.

Q: My manager would like to meet someone from your school – will you come to our office to meet with us?
A: Yes, it would be a pleasure. E-mail to invite us ian@iantait.biz