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Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Courses

Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Diploma levels

Ian Tait and Co Ltd procurement and supply courses will give you a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of procurement and supply.

about the courses

Procurement and supply managers are required to provide advice and guidance on reducing costs, improving quality and timescales, and generally managing the supply chain. They are expected to know how to negotiate, manage risk, analyse data and plan. Our courses provide the knowledge needed to fulfil these requirements and more.

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) has devised a qualification structure that leads to Membership of the Institute. We provide the highest three levels of the qualification: the Diploma in Procurement and Supply, the Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply and the Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply.

At Diploma level the range of modules taught gives a thorough grounding in essential skills and knowledge for procurement and supply professionals, such as sourcing, negotiation and contracting. The Advanced Diploma introduces additional subjects to provide more specialist knowledge at a managerial level, for example: category management, risk management and sustainability. The final level, the Professional Diploma, is aimed at senior procurement professionals, and those with Boardroom potential. It aims at building strategic thinking and understanding through the study of areas such as strategy, change, stakeholder and programme management as well as team leadership. All of the levels have underpinning knowledge of ethics, finance, law and supply chain thinking.


25 years of experience

At Ian Tait and Co Ltd these subjects are taught by practising professionals who bring their wealth of experience to the classroom to provide lively and thought-provoking delivery using a variety of methods including lecture, (audio-) visual presentation, tutor-led discussions, small-group work and individual tutorials. Class tests and homework are set regularly and tutors provide detailed one-to-one feedback on performance. Classes include guidance on study technique and exam preparation / presentation which is essential for the Institute’s traditional unseen written assessments.

duration of study

Each of the three levels of qualification (the Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Diploma) can be completed in one year of study. Occasionally we will agree to more rapid completion. There are five modules per level.

There are five terms a year. Students may commence their studies at the start of any term. Each term culminates in an examination set by CIPS: in November, January, March, May and July each year.

Students attend class for eight* sessions for each module, normally three hours per week. Additional study outside the classroom will be required for successful performance in the examination.

location and venues

Classes are held within the conference facilities of four-star hotels at East Croydon and London Bridge.

See also ‘Our Venues’.

entry requirements

The Diploma is the highest entry point for CIPS qualifications. Students need a minimum of two A-levels (or international equivalent) or a minimum of two years’ experience in a business environment.

The Diploma is required for entry to the Advanced Diploma course, and the Advanced Diploma is required for entry to the Professional Diploma course. In exceptional circumstances, the Institute may award an exemption from a subject.

*Term 3 comprises 6 sessions because of Institute assessment dates.