Ian Tait and Co Audited Pass Rates


Documents audited by CIPS, using CIPS-sourced official data, confirm the following pass rates for our study centre, in the most recent CIPS audit (July / Aug 2018):

CIPS Diploma (L4) – 91%

Advanced Diploma (L5) – 98%

Professional Diploma (L6) – 84%

In 14 out of 15 subjects taught at our school, we achieved significantly above the CIPS average pass rate for the period audited.

Warm thanks to all students and tutors who helped achieve these super results.



Friends of The Children of Orissa


Starting to research the registered charity ‘Friends of The Children of Orissa’ – a charity which supports a school in the Indian state of Orissa (now known as ‘Odisha’). The schoolchildren are rescued from streets and railway stations, and are saved from horror including physical abuse, rape and murder. The films ‘Lion’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ give some idea.

I am hoping to raise money for this charity during 2018 – watch this space, but in the meantime, do as I have done – consult the charty website at http://www.orissa.org.uk and donate. Every penny donated goes towards the education and well-being of the children. Unlike with most larger well-known charities, no money from these donations is spent on administration or any other overhead.

Thank you.

Ian Tait

22 December 2017