Jan 2018 CIPS Exam Results


Congratulations to all of our students who took part in the January 2018 CIPS Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Diploma examinations. Our school’s pass rate was in excess of 97% as verified by CIPS on 10 April 2018. Roughly two-thirds of students at Ian Tait and Co achieved a Merit grade or higher; roughly one quarter of our students achieved a Distinction. Well done students, and thanks to our excellent tutors for their dedicated work.

AD3 All-day Sessions


AD3 all-day sessions will now be held on Sunday, 29 April 2018 and Wednesday, 2 May 2018. The venue will be The George, SE1 1NH. This is a change to originally-announced dates.

Last Exams


CIPS has (re-)confirmed that the last opportunity to take examinations under the current 2013 syllabus will be in May 2019. This means that anyone failing an exam in Jan, Mar or May 2019 will need to take an exam under the new 2019 education scheme in order to complete their qualification level, but CIPS points out that a number of subjects in the new scheme will be very similar to those under the current scheme. More info when we have it.

CIPS AD4 Category Management


These Term 5 classes will now occur on Saturdays 16, 23 and 30 June 2018 from 9-5 (venue to be Hilton, Tooley Street, SE1 2BY), instead of in evening sessions as originally timetabled.

JIT  23.2.2018

Some Term Four Dates


D1 (East Croydon): first class session will be Tuesday, 27 March 2018 and the all-day session will be Saturday, 5 May 2018, as originally timetabled.

D4 (London Bridge): first class session will begin at 6pm on Thursday, 29 March 2018; second class session will be Tuesday, 3 April 2018 and the all-day session will be Saturday, 5 May 2018. Other sessions will be on Monday evenings, as originally timetabled.

AD3 (London Bridge): first class session will begin at 6pm on Wednesday, 28 March 2018 and all-day sessions will be held on Sunday, 29 April 2018 and Wednesday, 2 May 2018.

PD3 (London Bridge): first class session will begin at 6pm on Thursday, 12 April 2018 and all-day sessions will be held on Sunday, 6 May 2018 and Thursday, 10 May 2018.


Our school has until close of business on Friday, 23 March 2018 to submit exam entries for our students. Please check your MyCIPS page on the afternoon of Thursday 22 March 2018 to ensure you have been entered for the correct May 2018 examination. Thank you.

Friends of The Children of Orissa


Starting to research the registered charity ‘Friends of The Children of Orissa’ – a charity which supports a school in the Indian state of Orissa (now known as ‘Odisha’). The schoolchildren are rescued from streets and railway stations, and are saved from horror including physical abuse, rape and murder. The films ‘Lion’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ give some idea.

I am hoping to raise money for this charity during the Spring of 2018 – watch this space, but in the meantime, do as I have done – consult the charty website at http://www.orissa.org.uk and donate this Festive Season. Every penny donated goes towards the education and well-being of the children. Unlike with most larger well-known charities, no money from these donations is spent on administration or any other overhead.

Best Wishes for 2018 – please look at the website, and make a donation now. Thank you.

Ian Tait

22 December 2017

July + Nov 2017 CIPS Exam Results


97% of the candidates taking the July 2017 examinations at our Exam Centre in Croydon, taught by us between May and July 2017, passed their exams. Yes, 97%. Sixty-six per cent achieved a Merit or Distinction.

Well done, congrats, thank you.

Update: similarly great results for the November 2017 exams. Our school achieved a 100% pass rate in the CIPS Diploma (L4) exams, as well as a 100% pass rate in the Advanced Diploma (L5) exams. Not bad. :)

Success in March + May 2017 CIPS exams


According to figures released by CIPS, over 94% of our school’s candidates passed the March 2017 CIPS exams at our East Croydon exam centre, with almost half of those achieving a Distinction. A candidate needs to score over 75% in these 3-hour unseen written examinations to achieve a Distinction. These results cover CIPS Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Diploma. Well done to students and tutors alike! Remarkable results.

A similar tale for the May 2017 exam results. Again very very strong exam results. Thanks to all students (and tutors) for the hard work which produces these results. A thanks for the many e-mails for thanking us…

Centre of Excellence status retained (again)


The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply has confirmed that Ian Tait and Co will retain Centre of Excellence status for 2016-2017, commenting that the presentation of materials by our Centre is ‘impressive’. Thanks CIPS!

And for 2017 – 2018! Thanks everyone!