March 2019 CIPS Exam Results


Congratulations to all of our successful students in the March 2019 CIPS examinations. Our school achieved an overall pass rate of 89%, with some subjects achieving a 100% pass rate. Very well done, students and tutors.

We hope to continue such great success levels with our new online CIPS Diploma programme to be launched on 1 October 2019.





Some employers have paid for students to study in the classroom environment with us beyond May 2019. These sponsors are owed a refund. This may take some time, and employers are asked to bear with us to ensure that refunds are made correctly, including to the proper recipient.

Requests for refunds should be e-mailed to and should include the following:

  • be from an organisational finance function e-mail address, showing name and job title
  • state the name of the organisation to whom payment should be made
  • show the full postal address where a cheque should be sent (transfers will not be made)
  • state the bank account number to which the refund cheque will be credited
  • state the student name(s)
  • state the Ian Tait and Co invoice number
  • state how many subjects should be refunded
  • state the total value to be refunded

Any query, e-mail

Thank you.

Ian Tait, Director, Ian Tait and Co Ltd