Update: Online CIPS school from 1 September 2019


We are pleased to announce that from 1 October September 2019, Ian Tait will launch an online school for delivery of the CIPS qualifications, beginning with the Level 4 CIPS Diploma. Enrolments can begin on 1 September 2019, with teaching sessions beginning later that month. Click here for details of our online school.

Classroom-based teaching has now ceased. We are currently developing our new online school.

We would like to sincerely thank all of our backroom colleagues, clients, students and tutors past and present, without whom our 12-year classroom-based success story would not have been possible. Many, many thanks.

Ian Tait, Director


March 2019 CIPS Exam Results


Congratulations to all of our successful students in the March 2019 CIPS examinations. Our school achieved an overall pass rate of 89%, with some subjects achieving a 100% pass rate. Very well done, students and tutors.

We hope to continue such great success levels with our new online CIPS Diploma programme to be launched on 1 October 2019.





Some employers have paid for students to study in the classroom environment with us beyond May 2019. These sponsors are owed a refund. This may take some time, and employers are asked to bear with us to ensure that refunds are made correctly, including to the proper recipient.

Requests for refunds should be e-mailed to action@iantait.biz and should include the following:

  • be from an organisational finance function e-mail address, showing name and job title
  • state the name of the organisation to whom payment should be made
  • show the full postal address where a cheque should be sent (transfers will not be made)
  • state the bank account number to which the refund cheque will be credited
  • state the student name(s)
  • state the Ian Tait and Co invoice number
  • state how many subjects should be refunded
  • state the total value to be refunded

Any query, e-mail action@iantait.biz

Thank you.

Ian Tait, Director, Ian Tait and Co Ltd