After May 2019…


With some sadness today I am announcing that our study centre will no longer deliver classroom teaching beyond May 2019. After 12 years of delivering face-to-face teaching to CIPS students, our school will, with effect from Autumn 2019 become an online teaching centre only. We will aim to begin teaching the L4 CIPS Diploma in late September 2019, and teaching of the L5 Adv Dip and L6 Prof Dip within the following year. Search ‘Ian Tait’ or go to as the Autumn approaches for further details. Please continue to recommend this school to your colleagues. For your immediate future tuition requirements, the CIPS website displays details of around a dozen study centres in the London area, who can provide approved tuition in a variety of formats.

I know that the discontinuation of face-to-face teaching will be a disappointment to many people. I am sorry that it is not practicable for us to carry on beyond May 2019 delivering the service we have provided since we were first licensed by CIPS in 2007. However, the CIPS change of education scheme is an appropriate time for us to hang up the chalk. I would like to extend a very warm thank you to all students, sponsors, tutors, invigilators and backroom colleagues for all of the work they have done to enable the school to operate over this period.

For those employers who have paid for services beyond May 2019, refunds will be made as soon as practicable. A separate News item will be published regarding refunds.

For the avoidance of doubt, we plan to offer tuition in the following subjects between March and May 2019 to enable students to complete their current study level where feasible:

D1 Contexts, D4 Negotiating and Contracting, AD3 (part) ICSC,  AD4 Category Management, AD6 Operations Management, PD3 (part) SSCM, PD4 Supply Chain Diligence. All subjects will be taught at London Bridge except D1 which will be taught at East Croydon. Examination facilities will be available for these subjects at our centre.

We will not offer face-to-face tuition in any subjects from the new CIPS education scheme, nor will we offer examination facilities for those.

Once again, huge and sincere thanks to all who have participated in our school.

Ian Tait,  12 February 2019