CIPS New Education Scheme May 2019


The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply will introduce a new Education Scheme for Diploma level and above (L4, L5, L6) immediately after the May 2019 examinations. From July 2019 only assessments under the new scheme will be available to students, and current plans are that there will be no opportunity for re-sits for candidates who have failed an examination under the current scheme, after May 2019. Candidates who have failed an exam in March 2019 or May 2019 will need to take an assessment under the new scheme to compensate for their fail under the current scheme.

This means that CIPS Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Diploma students should plan their studies very carefully. As the current scheme has been running for several years, we have a history of past exam papers, past assessor comments, and we can predict for most subjects with some certainty what questions will look like. None of this will be the case after May 2019, although CIPS will release sample question papers with some guidance, but this is nothing compared to the wealth of historic material currently available. To be blunt, it is easier to pass exams under the current scheme than it will be under the new scheme, at least while the new scheme remains ‘new’.

Because of the dates CIPS has chosen to make a changeover to the new scheme, there cannot be a full academic year of study between September 2018 and the summer of 2019, as would normally be the case at our school. We will work on designing a timetable which will seek to enable students to complete one of the Diploma levels in one year if they wish, but this is likely to mean ‘doubling up’ of subjects during one term, for each level. We will try to make this as painless as possible, but students should note that they should not delay until the Autumn of 2018 to commence studies if they wish to complete a level by May 2019. Start early to increase the chances of happy completion of a level by May 2019 is the message.

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15.2.2018, updated 10.8.2018